Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD;
             let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

Psalm 95:1


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Our worship services take place in the Fellowship Hall
of Bethesda
Presbyterian Church
(entrance from the back)
located at
808 Red Lion Rd.
(between Bustleton Ave and Veree Rd.)

Fridays 7:30pm
(Fellowship and
dinner at 6:45)

All people feel lost... All people feel lost deep down in their hearts. They wonder why they are here, why so much evil happens in the world. The Bible explains why: we want to run our own lives and do not accept God's help when we need it. This selfishness affects every person, every family, every nation, the entire human race. But God cares. He promised he would send his servant, the Messiah, to free us from ourselves and give us new and joyful hearts. God made this promise first in the Torah, the books of Moses: a promise not only to the Jewish people but to everyone around the world.

The King of IsraelThat promised Messiah is Jesus -- Yeshua in Hebrew -- who has transformed the hearts and lives of millions of people. What is more, God has a plan for his people, Israel: to draw them to their Messiah and help change the world. Everyone is included in this plan: Jews and Gentiles, Israelis and Arabs, Russians or Americans or Europeans or Africans: for Messiah obliterates all the dividing lines between people and unites them in God's love.

  The BibleRock of Israel is here to help people with their spiritual needs. Our goal is not to make people religious. Instead, it is to show how the teachings of the Bible are meaningful for people today. Our congregation helps people get closer to God by:
  • studying the Bible together
  • singing and worshiping together
  • visiting people in need
  • helping families live better lives
  • assisting our community

PhillyThe city of Philadelphia has more than 300,000 Jewish residents, a number which includes more than 50,000 recent Russian Jewish immigrants. In addition, there are some 50,000 other Russian - speaking peoples. It is Rock of Israel's special mission to serve these communities. We worship both in Russian and in English, and our membership includes both native Americans and Russian immigrants. We hope that you too will be part of the Rock